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Queen of the ground floor
11 May 1988
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Please comment on my first post to be added. I'm sick of having people add me just to be part of their friend count. This is not Myspce


I role play in the following communitites:

With the following muses:
-camelot_nemesis: Nimueh
-dollyofyonkers:Dolly Levi
-doctor_three: The Third Doctor
-i_am_davros: Davros
-first_in_time: Barbra Wright

If you're interested in anything roleplay wise, drop me a line :) I'm quite open to most things.

Credit to shoemoney2night and gimcrack_icons for the mood theme ^_^
Friends Welcome banner made by me

I like to make icons, which I post in my journal. Please be considerate and...
>give credit if you take then use
>comment before you take
>If you have any tips/tricks/criticism to offer, please don't hesitate. I can't improve without it :)

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